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RED THREAD OF FATE, a game about fate, poetry, and overcoming the challenges that prevent true love, (and shapeshifters...)


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We're pleased to announce the release of our newest board game Kickstarter, Red Thread of Fate, a game about fate, poetry, and overcoming the challenges that prevent true love (and shapeshifters...).

It's live on Kickstarter now!


In this cooperative story telling game by award-winning Brazilian-Icelandic designer Pedro Ziviani, you play the role of one of the shapeshifters, the Henge:

  • Kitsune, the charming and devious Fox
  • Tanuki, the fearless and mischievous Raccoon Dog
  • Mujina, the cunning and lazy Badger
  • Neko, the adventurous and impulsive Cat
  • Nazumi, the risk-taking and dirty Rat
  • Plus 5 more Henge Stretch Goals!

In Japan, long long ago, two forlorn people contemplate the same full moon… both feeling brokenhearted without knowing why. Unbeknownst to them, their red thread of fate has been severed.

Tsukuyomi, the god of the moon, hears their prayers and gathers a group of shapeshifters, the henge. He gives them a mission… to reattach the thread of fate and help the two brokenhearted people find each other and love.


You devise a plan using the henges' supernatural powers. But as with many tales of great love, the path does not always run smoothly, depending on how the dice roll...

With 11th century Japanese poetry as inspiration, the players follow the games’ basic plan, and with as much imagination as they wish, fine stories are told. Some romantic, some tragic and some hilarious.

Another high quality release by Chaosium
We received plenty of compliments about our previous ENnie award winning boardgames Miskatonic University and Khan of Khans. People loved their beautiful design and artwork, and their quality components and boxes. We hope you can see from Kat Birmelin's amazing art here, Red Thread of Fate will also meet that high bar!

The basic "Henge" Pledge is just $25.00. his includes the complete game with all stretch goals and expansions!


We're delighted to have Erika Ishii, who you may have seen playing Call of Cthulhu on Critical Role last year, join us to be the model for Tzuru the Crane, one of our 'New Henge' Stretch goals.

Red Thread of Fate: On Kickstarter Now:

At Chaosium we love story telling, roleplaying, mythology, and poetry – all of which are in this game. If you love these too, you’ll love Red Thread of Fate! Thanks for your support
— from all the team at Chaosium!


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Dear friends,

When we geared up to launch Red Thread of Fate, we had no idea that world events would overtake our quirky board game about fate, poetry, and overcoming the challenges that prevent true love.

But in the last few days - and especially the last 24 hours or so - we know that (like us) many of you are right now instead focusing on quarantine or self-isolation, school and work closures, travel cancellations, border restrictions, shortages of supplies, and anxiety for loved ones. We've realised now is not the time to continue to ask you to support the launch of our game.

Soon we will be ready for fun and romance again, ready to play Japanese spirits weaving a tale with the help of poetry and dice to reunite two lost lovers. But now is not that time. So we are going to cancel our Red Thread of Fate Kickstarter today and relaunch it later at a more appropriate time.

We offer our grateful thanks to everyone who has backed the campaign so far. You will be the first to know when we launch again!

We wish everyone all the best until the Stars are Right again. 
 — your friends at Chaosium

Kickstarter update here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/redthreadoffate/red-thread-of-fate/posts/2785552


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