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Out now in PDF: Harlem Unbound 2nd Edition

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Out now in PDF - Investigate the Cthulhu Mythos during the Harlem Renaissance! Chris Spivey's ENnie-winning breakthrough book HARLEM UNBOUND is back and better than ever.

Harlem Unbound 2nd Edition is expanded and improved from the first edition. New areas are shown below:

—Seven scenarios (four new to 2nd Edition).
—Unique occupations tailored to Harlem.
—New Mythos monsters to terrify your players.
—Ready-to-play investigators.
—Random plot generator.
—Crash course on addressing race in gaming.

Start reading, start playing now! Buy the PDF from Chaosium now, and you get the full price of the PDF off the physical book when it is released later in the year.



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2 hours ago, Agentmax7 said:

I have been waiting for this, an exciting release and I will wait some more until the book comes out on the shelves

Same man:)

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HARLEM UNBOUND 2nd Ed is now out in PDF at DriveThruRPG.

The HU2 PDF package includes the following:
- Harlem Unbound 2nd Edition - PDF (368 pages - 97 pages longer than HU 1st Ed)
- Handouts and pre-generated characters - PDF (36 pages)
- Harlem Unbound Investigator Sheet - PDF (2 pages)
- Map of Harlem with and without scenario locations - PDF (2 pages - big)
- Two Scenario Maps - PDF (2 pages)

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Here is HARLEM UNBOUND, quite literally *unbound* – Rick has approved the printer's proofs and the presses in Lithuania are now running!


Harlem Unbound Bound.png

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