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Errata For Call of Cthulhu Starter Set

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I have searched the forums for an errata thread for the starter set, but have been unable to find one. Apologies if I have overlooked a relevant thread in my search.

There is a typo on page 5 of the starter set handouts pdf in Handout Edge 2 (part 4). The journal entry and the list of names with death dates both list Marion Allen's death as August 1877. However, the newspaper clipping 'taped' to the journal referring to Allen's death is dated August 14th, 1887. Either the two dates should be changed to 1887, or the newspaper date should be changed to 1877.

This error also exists on page 27 of the scenario booklet pdf file, where the handout has been replicated.

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In the version of "Edge of Darkness" included in the Call of Cthulhu edition 5.6 rulebook (the oldest version I have access to at the moment), the date of Marion Allen's death is given as August 1883 (no specific day) in both the journal and the newspaper-article handout.

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