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BRP 5th edition?

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On 1/30/2023 at 1:58 AM, CussaMitre said:

It was mentioned here and I think that I would like to join the voices that asked that: is there any chance to update the SRD?

Compared with the BGB, it's missing quite interesting rules...

I think Chaosium is "re-evaluating" things; but the existing landscape is still changing, as WotC re-evaluates their own "OGL" efforts, now shifted entirely over to CC-BY-4.0 ... which in turn the market/landscape is still reacting to.

I'm sure Chaosium will announce their decisions ... as soon as they're, y'know, decided🙂

(Edit to add: what I don't expect is any "we're thinking of this, we're thinking of that" discussion; I think Chaosium finds it unproductive to argue with fans over those things, and inevitably angers/disappoints fans who wanted this and/or that, that doesn't make the final cut; but maybe I'm wrong, I've been wrong before and doubtless will be wrong again!)

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On 1/29/2023 at 11:28 PM, MOB said:

Recent events 🤔 mean a new edition of BRP is now more of a priority than when Rick made this comment last year.

That would be great. To this day, I often refer to the BGB when I want to have an additional or an alternative rule and from time to time I am amazed that the rule in the BGB is actually better or easier. BGB is not a beautiful book but it is very complete and the content is awesome! 

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On 1/28/2023 at 1:03 PM, Atgxtg said:

Not really. CoC7 is an experimental offshoot of the BRP rules, and does some things different from all the other BRP games. If they "updated" the BGB to be more in line with CoC7 then it would be less compatible with other BRP games including Magic World and, especially, RuneQuest.

Plus. I believe Chaosium is more into promoting stand alone rules with settings rather than generic mechanics, as the former sell better.

At the very least, they could add those as optional or variant rules. The BRP rulebook already includes a bunch of optional or variant rules reflecting different settings and editions. 

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14 hours ago, MoonRightRomantic said:

At the very least, they could add those as optional or variant rules.

No, at the very least, they could do nothing and just leave the book as it is. That would be doing the very least. Now they could certainly choose to add in the CoC7 stuff as optional rules, but that would be doing more than the very least. In fact, anything other than tacking the CoC7 stuff on in a few pages at the end of the book, would almost certainly require re-typesetting and reformatting the book.  

14 hours ago, MoonRightRomantic said:


The BRP rulebook already includes a bunch of optional or variant rules reflecting different settings and editions. 

Yes, but all those optional and variant rules came from pre-existing BRP games, and ones that used rules similar to RuneQuest/Stormbringer/old CoC, and ones that were mostly out of print or hard to find at the time of the BGB's release. If they added the CoC7 rules, then a strong case could be made for adding in the variant rules from all the BRP related games, such  Pendragon and Ringworld, which are at least as similar to BRP as CoC7 is. 

Besides, anyone who is fond of CoC7 can just pull it out and mix 'n match it with the BGB if they wish to get what they want. It's not like you can't port stuff you want from the BGB to CoC7. The same is true for anyone who has Stormbringer/Elric!, RuneQuest 3, RuneQuest 2, Worlds of Wonder, Superworld, etc and want's to grab something from the BGB. Everything works both ways. It a GM running Hawkmoon wants to port over laser cannon stats from the BGB, or a Stormbringer GM wants to port over stats for archaic firearms, they can.   The main advantage to the BGB was that it collected a lot of rules from older games that are no longer available, at least not in the same form, so somebody who wanted them could have access to RQ's Battle Magic, or Stormringer's Sorcery, as most of that was out of print at the time. 

In fact, with most of the older Chasoium stuff being available again, and with  RQG, Magic World, CoC7, available, the BGB isn't as valuable now as it was when it was released. In most cases you don't need the BGB to fill the gaps. What you can't get now, is stuff that the BGB doesn't cover, most of which is due to licensing, such as RingWorld. 

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