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While we are waiting for issue 4 (and more) as well as the Dare to finally get out to the world, we thought we would offer PDFs of all the issues of the Arkham Gazette at discount for everyone self-isolating or who have had their lives disrupted by COVID-19.  Hopefully a little light reading about witches, Deep Ones, and many more horrors will bring a little light to everyone.


(Original PDF price $32.00, sales price $19.99, over 1/3 off - 320 pages of content, 4 scenarios, dozens of articles, a tiny handful of intentional typos that spell out a secret code summoning Tsathoggua.  Maybe)


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On 6/1/2020 at 8:56 AM, Honest said:

Are they 7th ed, or need some converting?


I just picked this bundle up this afternoon, and each issue (Issues 0 - 3) all come with an extra PDF for 7th edition notes/conversion.

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