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Hi! I'd like to share some reference guides about gamemastering - whatever the game it's about. I mean, here in France we have very few such guides translated in french, and almost no one produced by french GM. So we have to search in english (I must say most of french GM currently read english, since most of tabletop RPGs are in english). My purpose here is to pick up some new references I don't know. Yes, I like reading Gamemaster guides... this said, I think there are worst addictions... 😉

To begin, I will mention just those who are obvious for me (I deliberately dismiss writing guides - this should be the subject of another topic):

- Basic Gamemaster, of course, by Greg Stafford, Sandy Petersen, Charlie Krank, Ken Rolston and Steve Perrin. Still available as a PDF on Chaosium's website. For me, it's a must-have;

- Vampire the Masquerade Storyteller's Handbook, by Daniel & Andrew Greenberg, and many others. I got it in 1st edition, and that's the only White Wolf book I still own. It has never been translated in french, that's a pity. I must confess I never read later editions - maybe someone could advise me about them?

- How to Game Master Like a Fucking Boss, by Venger As'Nas Satanis. Pretty much D&D oriented, then still many good ideas and advises;

- Role-playing Mastery by Gary Gygax - even if I'm not found of the tactical aspects;

- Casus Belli, a french RPG magazine. In its first version, it published a section named Destination Aventure (and a special issue compiled many of its articles). Very good quality, both for technical aspects and for atmosphere tips and tricks. Great names for authors, like Tristan Lhomme, Croc and many others. If some of you can read french, I strongly recommand it!

Any reading recommandations to feed my addiction? 😋

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Here’s one I liked and found useful…

Never Unprepared: The Complete Gamemaster’s Guide to Session Prep by Phil Vecchione. For a change it’s not D&D focused, much more generic. Offers good advice and a structure for your prep that’s efficient. As someone who has a tendency to over prep, I found it very helpful  


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