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negative DB and bows

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I would think you would only add 1/2 the negaqtive db. I can't see why the db peanlty would be twice as bad with a thrown weapon. So a -1D4DB could just use -1D2.

For bows, another other would be to tie the damage rating of the bow to it's draw weight. Realistically, a archer would not want to draw more than this, even if he was very strong, as it would weaken and eventually destroy the bow.

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If a character with a negative DB uses a weapon that adds 1/2 the DB is the DB really doubled?

According to page 29 BRP? Yup!

Getting a -2d4 penalty on damage rolls seems excessively harsh ...

Yup! But look at Halflings on page 345 BRP they have a -1d6 DB but they also get a cheeky get out clause.

I seem to recall that in RQ, the 1/2 DB only occured for thrown weapons, bows and slings didn't use the DB at all. Hadn't really noticed this rule in BRP, I would think twice before using it.

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