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O Canada! - Chaosium opens fulfilment warehouse in Canada


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Today, Chaosium has opened a new fulfilment warehouse in Canada. This warehouse is in addition to the existing Chaosium fulfilment centres in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Poland.

"We've been planning a warehouse north of the border for some time, as our many Canadian fans have found the cost of shipping from the United States to Canada to be prohibitive", said Chaosium COO Neil Robinson.

For now, a limited selection of core products is available in the Canadian warehouse, but this will be expanded soon. Please note we cannot split orders across warehouses. So do check the product inventory locations before you add to your cart.

COVID 19 PANDEMIC: despite the COVID-19 situation, all five Chaosium warehouses are currently operational and able to safely ship product. Chaosium has been regularly updating customers with shipping and fulfilment information: the latest update is here.

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12 hours ago, Viktor Haag said:

I don't appear to have access to that channel... ah well...


Someone who seems to have placed an order from Chaosium's Canadian warehouse reports getting the following e-mail:


We have some very unfortunate news to share about your recent Chaosium.com order.

Our Canadian warehousing and Fulfillment partner, Hubtrotter Logistics, has not shipped any of our website orders to Canadian customers for several weeks. Initially they assured us they were looking into the matter. This led us to believe they were working towards a solution. For the last week, or more, our emails and phone calls to them have gone unanswered. They have essentially ghosted us. We simply cannot wait for them to communicate with us, or yourselves, any longer. That wouldn’t be fair to you with the holidays rapidly approaching.

This leaves us in a very difficult position.

We have no faith whatsoever that Hubtrotter will be shipping your order anytime soon. Further, it seems quite likely they will never be shipping your order judging by their silence. Since shipping your order from the USA would result in you being charged VAT by your government, the best solution we can come up with is to fully refund any unshipped physical items you ordered. We are doing this now in the hope that you will still have time to re-order any Holiday Gifts you may have been waiting upon.


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