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1 hour ago, jrutila said:

Great thing this is out now!

About Group Simple Contest boosts @David Scott in some other thread said that the boosts can be bought after everyone has rolled.

Now, in QW2.2 in chapter 4.5.3 it is quite clearly stated that boosts can be purchased before the contest. Is this now the final ruling about boosts?

I'd not seen @David Scott's suggestion. Let me get together with him and see if that is something we want to correct.

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On 4/21/2020 at 11:02 PM, Tanaka84 said:

What seems to be absolutely off-limits without any kind of permission is anything related to Arthurian legend. 

The QuestWorlds SRD says specifically only Le Morte d'Arthur, which would in theory leave other Arthurian legend open as long as it was clearly not about Mallory. This contrasts with the way the SRD treats the Cthulhu Mythos, which is much broader. 

Which actually makes me wonder how Chaosium would feel about an Arthurian game that was clearly distinct from Mallory and Pendragon? A game that was only about the Welsh Arthur Cycle from the Mabinogion, for example? 

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On 4/22/2020 at 6:33 AM, Ian Cooper said:

If you are playing HQG today, this will hopefully clarify,  provide some tweaks to existing rules, and some options. But it's not significantly different.

Not hugely, but there are a few difference to consider. The way HP awards and advancement are done is significantly different, and worth considering. And some of the changes to advancement are quite significant - like the ability to retrospectively turn any ability into a keyword. 

Removal of specific ability bonuses. Introduction of Benefits of winning contests as standard. 

There are some small but notable cleanups and clarifications to existing contest types. 

But mostly more options. I know I'll be introducing Plot Edits. 

The biggest thing is the variety in contest types. I know the SRD says 'choose one type of long contest per campaign' but I think my game is very excited to try some alternatives to Scored Contests. We will probably be using all three. I have no idea if that will be terrible or not!

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I also have to say that my players liked the sound of Cosmic Zap! and we will definitely be giving it a go. And this is interesting because we have probably tried half a dozen supers games (currently we have a Masks game going) but people still liked the idea and thought it had something different to offer. Can't wait to see what else will come out in the QuestWorlds rules. 

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On 4/21/2020 at 6:15 PM, Scotty said:

You can change it. Download the markdown file, open it (using something that opens markdown - I use Atom), change remove the bold, output as PDF.

I like it a lot - it's not good for when you sit down and read the text, but it tells you what terms are important, and it's fantastic for finding things on the page later.

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Just read the on "Tactics" - I don't know if that was in the original HeroQuest rulebook, but if it was, I have forgotten about it. Reading this section was an eye-opener, especially the part about how you can choose a Trait that will help you to overcome one key task within the story obstacle and still succeed at overcoming the whole obstacle by just that one roll. This sounds like a great concept for focussing the narrative without having to worry about whether a Trait is broad enough for all tasks involved in a story obstacle.

As I said, I don't know if that was in RDL's original rules or of it  was added by Ian Cooper (or another contributor), but I'm really grateful for the passage!

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Hi, not sure if you are looking for feedback or not here. My first stumbling block was section, third paragraph, second and third sentence. That just left me hanging, I really felt like it needed to continue the example to show what the story obstacle might be, to then hightlight why the evasion is not the obstacle. I am probably missing something.

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§5.6 Extended vs Scored Contests vs Chained Contests:


Both scored contests and chained contests can be used as an escalating contest, see §2.8.2

Should read "see §2.6.2"

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I have spotted something that seems to be a leftover from the "Game Formerly Known as HeroQuest". As Story Points are no more spent before a Group Simple Contest is resolved, the sentence in green is not needed anymore. Boosting Outcomes
Because they average together the outcomes of multiple participants, group simple contests tend to
flatten outcomes, making victories more likely to be marginal or minor than major or complete.
To overcome this flattening effect, if the outcome of a group simple contest is a tie or victory, you
may spend one or more story points to purchase a boost; a boost assures a clearer victory.

The cost varies by the number of PCs participating:
• 1 story point for 1-3 PCs.
• 2 story points for 4-6 PCs.
• 3 story points for 7-9 PCs.
• and so on…

You may spend twice as many story points as required to gain a double boost. The points may be
spent by any combination of players. They remain spent no matter how the contest resolves. You may
continue to spend story points to bump your individual result.

The boost increases the collective victory level by one step. A double boost increases it by two steps.


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