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(My) Master of Orion lore

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Many years ago, perhaps as far as 30, I read about a book of (self professed, largely) apocryphal content. Can't remember what it was, maybe Hitch Hiker Guide to the Galaxy, or Dirk Gently.. or.. something else I can't quite place....

And now, today, I struggle to come up with a campaign background for a Master of Orion inspired setting...
I struggle because I imagine there is good law and order, there is (almost) no "mysterious alien tech", there is no backwater planet (most are painfully terraformed out of life adverse conditions)

But I am starting to unfreeze and have some ideas..... Some, I confess, inspired by Cthulhu...

Below are 2 protagonist organisations I came up with so far.. :)
And ... I finally used the word Apocryphal for first time for my own original content! :D
And I was inspired by Cthulhu (the cultist below) :D

- Sons of Wotan, hoverbikers Bulrathis gang.
-- Wotan being the Bulrathi general who led Nazin Xenocide
--- Alleged Wotan's (elusive, apocryphal) Manifesto is their holy gospel

- There is a Telepath Darlock spy on Camira trying to get Antarian tech
-- The idea is to lure Antarian to attack Bulrathi planets
-- there is a group, (secretely) Darlock led, that are:
--- the Worshipers of Xenon (alleged Antarian leader)
--- they want to renew the galaxy in a bath of fire 
--- (what the Darlock really want is revenge from the Xenocide)

Feel free to pitch protagonist ideas if you have any! :)

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In other news.. The MoO settings progress so far... I gave up on the MoO game period, i.e. empire expansion phase period, too peaceful for adventurers...
At leas I can't come up with enough tumultuous thing happening, or it had to be space marines.. 😕 

It will be in a post conquest, decadent, fall of the empire period.. will be inspired by Star Wars (except no Jedi or Dark Side, screw those emo guys)
But hey there will be "force powers", aka Psionic. No lightsaber though...

And there will be 3 main factions.
- The Empire (yeah, it's evil as well.. sort of... it seems to fail to defend the population against Antarian attacks deliberately and also is totally abusively dictatorial and exploitative)
- The freedom council.. they want to free the empire and be the new bosses
- The rebel alliance who want to create a democracy..

I think this is going to work! ^_^ 

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On 4/26/2020 at 7:24 PM, Lloyd Dupont said:

... At leas I can't come up with enough tumultuous thing happening, or it had to be space marines.. 😕 


I'll see your Space Marines, and raise you


. . .


> Space Ninjas

(bet ya didn't see that one coming, didja?)


(just add the Spanish Inquisition and DONE)


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