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Cult spirits of Daka Fal

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14 minutes ago, Manu said:

Daka Fal has 'command Cult Spirits' as a spell. What are the cult spirits of Daka Fal? ancestors? Why does he need this? He shouldn't command ancestors...

Cults of Prax had summoned ancestors with various degrees of friendliness (Friend, Neutral, Malign and Evil).  I presume Command Cult Spirit would be cast on the Malign and Evil ancestors in the same way you beat up your little brother to compel respect.

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Check out the Rune Magic Spells for DF. Summon Ancestor. This gives you the tables you need. And then if it aint friendly or neutral command comes in handy. Also with various combo's of spirit matrix etc. DF has a LOT of powerful interactions between Rune and Spirit Magic and by using both you get maximised results


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A big theme we've seen in play is that while there is nothing intrinsically wrong with Ancestor Worship/Daka Fal, that it also makes quite a comfortable fit for families that don't want to be too bound by authority or even a particular ethical code. Daka Fal helps you survive, and doesn't judge what you need to do to survive too much. If you want to have a family that is a bit dubious, at least to the point that the impests would trouble them if they were Orlanthi (which can be anywhere from just being very independent and not wanting to give other members of the community too much say over them, to being a bit workshy or a dabbling in dubious trades or even con artists or thieves, through to being effectively crime gangs), ancestor worship works - hey, some of your ancestors probably did the same thing, they aren't going to judge, whatever you have to do for the family. And in such an environment, plain unpleasant selfish people can often thrive, nothing about the tradition being very family oriented means that family can't be dysfunctional, creepy or abusive.

It does explain why sometimes you need to be wary of your own ancestors. And maybe not want them to be uncontrolled. 

In some cases, this can go through to outright evil ancestors - not only can you can be a murderous brigand or such and still be an Ancestor worshipper in good standing as long as your ancestors are fine with it, you can worship other fairly nasty gods as well. Black Fang worshippers probably claim to be ancestor worshippers if anyone gets nosy, and quite likely are. Cannibal Cultists in Prax. The family might have an ongoing, even intergenerational, agreement with some nasty spirits or minor deities that they invoke against their enemies. Or even a bloodline of ogres. 

And it gets weirder, and potentially quite creepy, if there are families that are both Ancestor Worshippers and also practice sorcery, which is unlikely to happen in Central Genertela or the West, but might be the case in Fonrit or Kralorela. 


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Also, "he shouldn't command ancestors" is presumably based on the idea that the ancestors are deserving of respect. Would this not be the case for the cult spirits of pretty much any god - even elementals? Isn't any air elemental just a child of Umath, and essentially brother to Orlanth? (Of course the same arguments apply as to why you should nonetheless need Command Cult Spirit - just pointing out that Daka Fal isn't necessarily special here).

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