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Coming Storm campaign preparation

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OK, my party is finalized:

  • Virkoan the Lost is an Humakti and a smith. He's been found on the banks of the Creek at 8 years-old, multilated (tortured) and without any memory of his previous childhood. He's been adopted by Orkarl Iron-Beard...
  • Knut the Navigator is an Issaries and a boatman, and he's also an initiate of Wandle;
  • Ardias Yversson is a horse breeder and an initiate of Orlanth Adventurous. He's the nephew of Enerin, head of the Bolthoring bloodline;
  • Ragnar the Quiet is a Yinkin hunter, son of Voranga Many-Sorrows and Frekor Deep-Woods. He's the best friend of Olaf (see below);
  • Olaf Numbskull is a stickpicker and an initiate of Valind. He's also some kind of the clan's idiot. He doesn't quiet understand what's the problem with Valind... He is protected by Byrgga Told-You-So (a midwife from The Book of the Red Cow, I made an old Korne of her) and in love with an Ernalda's young healer (yes, Olaf is a very strong and handsome boy...);
  • Janeera Wolf-Head is an initiate of Babeester Gor. Both her parents were killed by telmori. She's been adopted by Griselda Grey-Tresses;
  • and last, we have an Eurmali girl (sorry, the player is still looking for a suitable name...), both Informer/Spy and Godi. She's bonded to Broddi of course and has been "initiated" by Janara the Black (Queen Ivartha's bonded trickster). And she's Broddi's own daughter...

Of course, the players invented far more details (three pages for Olaf!!!). I wanted to make it short, but also to share these guys. Maybe you'll find them useful as NPC in your own Red Cow campaign (or any other...)???


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1st session last night, much fun!!! All players were present, except for the Babeester Gor. We played of course The Missing, and of course nothing went as the scenario planned! 😁


I spare you the details, but the party managed to free the missing children and made a deal with Wandle. The waters are drinkable again, but they made an oath to renew the clan's relationship with Wandle by heroquesting This World. Farnantyr was drowned by Wandle... Finally the party was very careful and avoided any fight, neither with the Lunars nor the Emerald Sword (they were much creative in their management of the scenario, and deserved the issue anyway).

They all cared much about their clan's safety, even the Valindir and the Eurmali, and the party had much roleplay. Maybe a bit confused by HQ narrative rules, but as the session went on, they became more and more comfortable and creative, so quite a good RP night.

Next session in two weeks. They'll have to perform the This World heroquest for Wandle. I'm already working on the scenario: I'll take the scene of the encounter with Wandle from The Stealing of the Giant's Cows heroquest, and probably a bit from the french Les héritiers de Zola Fel HW book. And embroider from the heroes' backgrounds and actions of course!!! If you have any suggestion of course... 😉

One last word: thanks Ian Cooper for this amazing campaign!!!!! 🥰

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51 minutes ago, Loïc said:

All players were present, except for the Babeester Gor.

She was obviously protecting or losing her virginity... depending on people’s views of Babeester Gor and celibacy


53 minutes ago, Loïc said:

good RP night

Glad it was good..and look forward to hearing more

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Oups! Made a mistake on Zola Fel's bool title (now edited!), sorry. I precise that Les héritiers de Zola Fel is a french HW campaign (edited by Multisim), freely inspired from In Troubled Waters, the campaign of RQ River of Cradles.

I can't wait to run this campaign again (and This World heroquest). Next session planned in two weeks!

And for the Babeester Gor, she was probably puppeteered by the Red Cow priestress of Ernalda, Darna Longcoat, on some blackmail debt recovery or another...  😵

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Hi Ian,

Much love it! Unfortunately, we are back in containment here in France... After planning it with my party, we all agreed to run it IRL, not online... We are waiting the containment's ending to go back on the Coming Storm. Hope this will be wery soon!!!

I size this opportunity to thank you for this great campaign. I enjoyed it on every stage: great reading (I'm a book-addict, reading basically 2 or 3 books a week...), great time to prepare it and great pleasure to run it!!! I'm a long-time HW player, and I had never take the plunge to tun HW/HQ before. The Coming Storm decided me!! Thanks!

(Promess: as soon as we're back on it, I'll report my misfits' adventures again.)

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I'm realizing I never reported the 2nd session... 😳

SPOILER ALERT: As I said previously, this 2nd session was dedicated to a heroquest to renew the bond between Wandle and the Red Cow Clan... Even my RQ-vets players had never perform any heroquest before... I freely adapted In Troubled Waters (from River of Cradles). To put it in a few words, no one knows Wandle original name, and the party had to rename her again, as did the clan's founder. First, they had to free the river from an ancient taint: a priest of Pocharngo was polluting the river with gorps!!! (see River of Cradles). After resolving this, they assisted briefly on Magasta's Pool creation, with all see gods jumping/sacrificing on the pool. Magasta's son was containing the chaos' armies when is sweet lover tried to jump on her turn. Then the fatal accident happened: Magasta's son killed her, destroying every memory of her, even her name (the players never learnt her original name) (The River of Cradles, again...). Of course, this great goddess was Wandle... At this point, the party understood it, and they understood Wandle suffers amnesia. It was on their own to decide what to do: remember her who she was (even if they don't know her real name), or not. Third step: on the Green Age, they encounter Generth, contemplating a tiny source and wondering how to name it. He's asking the players to help him. Of course, the source is the reborn of Wandle in the Green Age, and now the party had to make their decision: trying or not to give her back her memories. Their finally just help Generth and give her her name "Wandle" (any other proposition should have provoke bad issues for the clan's pact with Wandle, of course). Going back to their own time, the players are celebrating with a feast by their clan, even if Broddi has much to say about a slaughtered Lunar patrol (they of course had to access Grave Hill to perform the heroquest: they avoided it at the first, and in no way I would have spare them this scene...).

This was a big session, and the players much enjoyed it. I tried to emphasize the drama mood of the heroquest, and it worked quite-well (two players even said it was "beautifull" and all agreed they really experienced the mystical atmosphere of heroquesting). Now my players are embroiled in the killing of Lunars, and fully involved in their clan's founding myths... Next session: back on the Coming Storm "regular" timeline, with many day-to-day scenes to reinforce their individual links with the NPCs...

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