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How do I prepare a pre-made Call of Cthulhu RPG scenario

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Hi guys. In September (Dezember in English) last year I finally managed to make public a case of persecution I suffered in 2014 for playing Call of Cthulhu and how it affected my life, making me lose my job and ending some of my relationships. At the time, I had obtained a CoC Slipcase containing the Keeper Handbook, Investigator Handbook and Keeper Screen — my first original CoC books in years of play, since I only bought the PDF and printed it at home, in case need to throw or burn the books.
Since then, I managed to play tables weekly (some weeks I even played three times, for different groups) online and in person, until the beginning of the quarantine in March here in Brazil, where we stopped all games (including online).
Many of these tables had new RPG players or people already used to the game, but who did not know CoC. I received gifts from friends and players at my tables here in Brazil.
One of the players who learned RPG with CoC bought the Investigators Guide. Since February I have been able to buy some original Chasoium books. The Coronavirus crisis in Brazil is getting more difficult every day, so I will have to stop buying for now, but I am really happy and excited. I started writing posts about my experiences and ideas with CoC, as well as reviews and session reports and what my preparation, writing and game routine is like. This is the first one: http://tiny.cc/dggnoz
A close friend asked me to report this experience that has been very positive in my life. RPG (Call of Cthulhu in particular), today, keeps my mind healthy, my heart calm and gave me the opportunity to meet new people online, despite the chaos and tension that surrounds the world today. We will continue to take care of ourselves and those we love. We'll be fine.
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