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My name is Tim and I'm a lapsed roleplayer, just crawling back onto the wagon after a 10 year (plus) break. I started gaming in 1977 with the usual suspects: D&D, Traveller etc and moved onto Champions, TFT, Villains & Vigilantes, Call of Cthulhu etc

I have just started playing in a Hollow Earth Expedition game and am looking to start some sort of BRP fantasy campaign next year.

Any questions? :)

Bloody hell, Acrobatic Flea! that's a name i remember from the mid-eighties!!! Is Heropress still going? I think I was the original player of "Hellfire" for an afternoon session in Pembury...I'm sure I still have Heropress issues 1-9 or something floating around somewhere...

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Okay, hey all,

my name's Stuart, and I've been roleplaying since 1980 when I got Basic D&D for christmas...

Like lots of people I went system berserk in the eighties when roleplaying exploded, and used to buy every system that came on the market.

Now, after many years with several breaks in playing, but never in reading or planning, I am back to several core systems:

Rolemaster/MERP. Luckily I purchased everything that ICE ever printed on Middle Earth before they lost the license. That stuff is awesome.

Harnmaster. Such an awesome system and world. Can you imagine how much headscratching and kinstrife would have been avoided if certain other worlds had the idea of publishing no event based material after a specific world date, leaving it to individual GMs? What a cool idea. I know that Glorantha never had its origins as a roleplaying world, but still...

Runequest. I can never escape it. Every time I get inspired by another game, I still get drawn back to Gloranthan Runequest. It's the ancient world thing, really. The original inspiration for me was the ancient Greek style Luise Perenne artwork, combined with thinking that the armour in Conan the Barbarian looked awesome, and RQ let me customise my character's appearence by different armour for different locations. Shallow, of course, but I WAS twelve. Of course I say that, but it's these things that still lie at the heart of my ideas about RQ and Glorantha.

I saw "The 300 Spartans" when I was seven, got into the hoplite look, went outside and turned a baby mattress into a shield and started hitting everything with a stick. When I saw RQ a few years later it clicked, got me into mythology and ancient history and ancient warfare, interest in which led me down a winding route but ultimately into the military because like every other idiot I wanted to see war, because like many roleplayers on certain other forums I thought that I knew something about it having continued to hit other like-minded people with pretend swords and shields.

Having seen war and found out just how daft it really is I returned to roleplaying and I now work in policing thus mixing my love of fantasy and ancient history with my now well developed ability to hit people with sticks...hmmm...

Our runequest game is ongoing and more fun than ever because we went back to basics. The mercenary adventurer trying to thrive in Pavis and everything developing from that. My character Cleombrotus is the best I've ever played because he is based on everything I have ever liked about RQ and since I am so aversed to him dying I get genuine adrenaline rushes when we run combats. Which is nice...

For the record, MRQ as a system was a huge disappointment...and that's being polite...now roll on BRP:Roleplaying in Glorantha...

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Er, well, I'm Colin Chapman: teacher, rpg freelancer, research monkey, and nut job. Freelanced on a whole mess of stuff (see my sig.), and I'm really looking forward to seeing Jason's work on Interplanetary.



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I have a rare opportunity to thank you for your work here, so I'm taking it.

Thank you for your work on Talislanta. :D

It has brought me much enjoyment over the years. Also, for your others works; some I own and some I haven't had the chance to obtain yet.

Also, I just picked up a|state and I think it's a pretty darn cool game as well. :thumb:



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my name is Rudolf (no, nothing to do with reindeers ...), I live in southern

Germany, and I have been into roleplaying games for almost thirty years now.

I once started with Runequest and Traveller, and then I tried a few dozen

other systems, but I always returned to the "descendants" of my first loves,

the last ones being Call of Cthulhu / Cthulhu Rising and GURPS Traveller.

A few months ago I began world building in earnest, with a science fiction

water world named Pharos IV and located on the edge of the "Honorverse" of

David Weber's books.

With a new BRP on the horizon, I decided to use it as the roleplaying system

for my Pharos IV, which currently uses a mix of Call of Cthulhu (characters)

and GURPS (technology).

This means I will probably have to make quite a number of modifications and

will probably need a lot of good ideas and hints - and that's why I am here


Greetings !


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I've been somewhat lurking on these forums since nearly the start of them, and only just realised I haven't posted an intro. Since I have far too much work to do, hey, why not waste some time here?!

I started roleplaying in 1977 when I was an early teenager. All we had was someone's older brother's description of what role playing was, a set of dice and the Judge's Guild Ready Ref Sheets. AD&D was yet to be published. We had a great time drawing up random dungeons on graph paper and then hacking and slashing our way through monsters we knew nothing about other than their names and stats. Still, it was all-consuming.

I progressed to Traveller when it first came out and soon became the resident sci-fi expert. Gaming continued with AD&D and Traveller when I went to university. I progressed to Megatraveller and played a few scenarios of James Bond and Twilight2000. But apart from that, I kept away from most other RPGs, although I was aware of them, as I couldn't justify the time or mental energy. Largely it was just my freind as GM and myself as "Az the Thief" slogging my way through the "Descent" adventures and the first Drangonlance ported over to the Harn background.

Roleplaying then stopped completely somewhere around 1989 or 1990 when my PhD just got too much. Real life had to kick in at some time I suppose. After that, a globe trotting career as a postdoc left me with no time/mental energy yet again. Finally I settled down with wife, child, mortgage and tenured position.

My mind then took a 40-something nostallgia trip back to RPGs. I decided to start a Traveller campaign using Megatraveller and find some players in my local area. Luckily it turned out that one of my neighbours is an inveterate roleplayer and wargamer and so I soon found myself with a group. Even a colleague at work was a closet roleplayer!

Well the Traveller group hasn't met for a year due to time commitments, but I have been playing a relatively regular bimonthly Tekumel campaign, a brief CoC campaign and now a weekly Conan campaign. The prodigal son has returned. :thumb:

And wow! what a change in all those years. Point buying systems. Feats. Advantages. Disadvantages. etc. Although it's still a niche market, RPGs are a huge and diverse area compared to my last involvement.

By trawling through forums, reading reviews, buying Megatravellr, GURPS and now Edition 0 BRP, I think I'm getting back into the 'culture'. From what I've seen (especially the crunch in GURPS and the expanse of d20), I'm really pleased BRP is coming out in such a form and now. It's elegant and will serve my purposes from now on. Having said that, I have a lot of disposible income, compared to the old days, so I feel the "collector's creep" starting as I eye up Hollow Earth, Ars Magica, Harn, etc.......

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Hey, all:

Matt Helms, gamer for 27 years, Call of Cthulhu gamer for 22 years, and Chaosium freelance editor for a few years now.

BRP is the system I always go back to. The system's deceptive simplicity has handled everything from long-running campaigns to experimental one-shots with grace and ease. With it, I've run everything from straight-up Cthulhu to "Kung Fu" in Outer Space. Now with the new BRP core book, I will probably be using BRP for all my games.


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My name is Michael and I am a roleplayer.

I have been in the hobby since 1984, back in the good old days when White Dwarf was OUR magazine and it was the source for reviews of everything new. I must have first heard of Runequest back then and its relatives, like almost everyone else I missed Ringworld despite being a fan of the books but a friend has a copy so I have seen it. I remember looking at what must have been RQ II in Leisure World in Belfast back when they had a good selection of RPG material, indeed back when they were still open, but my first copy was the Avalon Hill edition of RQ III and the next one the Mongoose version.

My brother's second RPG, was Call of Cthulhu and he is still playing it, indeed we seem to spend more time playing CoC than everything else put together. At the moment we are playing the Wild West variant from the magazine Worlds of Cthulhu though we seem to be ignoring most of the changes they made to the system so when the suggestion of a Wild West version of RQ was suggested on the Mongoose forum I was immediately interested – and was eventually led here.

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Hello and welcome Klingsor!

Atgxtg have done quite some work on western BRP, which you can find in the download section. :)


Most of which will need to be updated to fit with the weapon rating in the BRP book.

I reckon the Ol' West is gonna hafta sit a spell while then folks out at Cal-e-for-ni-ay get the book printed.

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My name is Jerry Barrington. I'm 42 and currently live in Ohio, USA, but hope to remedy that within a few years. :)

I 1st encountered BRP as RuneQuest 3 back about 1985. I also have Elfquest, Ringworld, and Call of Cthulhu. I've played several game systems, and read many more, but I don't think I've found one better than BRP. Altho, I have a great fondness for Traveller, but that's because I like classic SF. Currently, I'm working on a non-system-specific star system generator, and might someday run a game with my stars plus BRP. >:->

Well, I've run out of things to say. I doubt I'll visit here real often, as life keeps me busy. But I'll try to check in at least every couple of weeks.

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I've been gaming now for over 25 years but not intensely. (I can't believe its been that long.)

I've played every version of D&D.

I've really loved Cthulu (it also had this magnificent box for keeping characters and stuff in).

I've Loved Runequest (after all where else do you get the hit location tables that they left out of BRP! in COC!)

I loved the magic in Stormbringer

The tables in DragonQuest and Powers & Perils.

The setting in Harn. "Realism has its place."

The sense of the old gods in Palladium.

The sense of the new tech in Rifts.

I liked Hobbit and Centaur partnerships in Thieves Guild.

The detail in Rolemaster.

The speed in Paranoia.

The coolness of Traveler. "You mean I muster out with a scout ship!"

The wealth of modules in D&D and D20.

In short, I've really liked a number of games.

It is a pleasure to find a group of people that isn't talking endlessly about 4th ed D&D!

I really like the terms of use for the website. I think the Creative Commons License is wonderful. I'd love to collaborate on something special. I have never been disappointed by a Chaosium product. Even if I never actually used the product (Dreamlands, Cthulhu by Lamplight and some others) I've always enjoyed reading them.

These days I do my gaming over the net with Fantasy Grounds:

Fantasy Grounds :: The Virtual Tabletop for Pen & Paper Roleplaying Games

I believe that RPGs are all structured story telling and I'd like to see them become like Folk Song, part of our common heritage.

- Saving Throw

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Hey all:

I just signed up today and thought I should introduce myself.

My name's Bill Nichols, and I am a Call of Cthulhu Keeper, but I am looking forward to using the BRP system for other settings, such as a fantasy/Cthulhu crossover I have been thinking about for a while.

Anyway, I'm happy to be here.:thumb:


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Hi! I've been playing rpgs since about '83 with red box D&D. I've only recently been introduced to BRP via CoC in the last couple years, but I'm hooked and now I'm curious about using the rules for other genres. I'm particularly curious as to how BRP handles supers.

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