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Looking for Online Runequest: Glorantha game...new player

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8 hours ago, Trotsky said:

Hi CaptainDan, we have a UK based game every Wednesday evening - 7:30 to 11ish... we are only a couple of sessions into our campaign. If the time suits you I will check with the other players...

Thanks for the offer, yes the time would suit, ask the other players if it’s a problem don’t worry about it

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7 hours ago, lordabdul said:

People looking for a game can look at:

  • Forums LFG areas:
    • ENWorld
    • RPG.net
    • There's no dedicated LFG area here on BRP but it might be worth it to ask @Trifletraxor to add one (which could be useful for both RQG but also HQG and Mythras and Magic World and everything else). Especially since most of these other forums don't have much for BRP games except CoC.
  • VTT LFG:
    • Roll 20
      • Note that many people mark their games as having "mature content" to avoid having kids join their game, or not have to think about watching their language. You'll get more hits if you check that box before searching.
    • Fantasy Grounds
  • Some sub-reddits:
    • Reddit LFG
      • It also has an official LFG Discord server.
      • There's no official flair for RQG (don't complain about it, ask the mods to allow it!), but you can still just look for "RuneQuest" and find a few hits in the past couple months.
    • RuneQuest sub-reddit
    • Glorantha sub-reddit
  • Some Discord servers:
  • Other social services
    • Meetup
      • Look for some kind of RPG meetup in your area. In mine, there are a few (a general one, a couple for D&D/PF, one for horror RPGs like CoC/Vampire specifically, etc.). This is where I've found most of my players!
    • Facebook:
    • MeWe
    • Some other classified/meeting service, like Craigslist.
      • I find that different cities have different "traditions" when it comes to online communities. This is especially true if you just moved from one side of a continent to another, or even moved continents completely. It's also true if the last time you looked for a group was 10 years ago! It's possible everybody has moved to a different platform!

Look up any gaming stores in your area and see if they have any resources for you. Like I said above, some of my gaming stores have Discord servers themselves where they help gamers meet. Ask the owners and staff! Put the "friendly" back in "friendly neighbourhood gaming store"!

For Reddit, Discord servers, and forums, use the search feature to find games. Everybody is online these days so it doesn't have to be local! Sort by newest instead of by relevance. I've seen the most LFG posts on Discord, these days. It's probably because a lot of people are using Discord for voice chat, and they probably figure they'll get the most replies there. There's one such post seemingly every week or so on the Chaosium/RQ/Glorantha Discord servers linked above.

Last, actively post somewhere that you're looking for a game. If 20 people are looking for a game, don't find anything, shrug and go away, none of them will ever get anywhere. Post online to show your interest, so the other 19 can find you and each other!

This is excellent, thank you.  I would suggest that this is stickied somewhere for reference.  For new or returning players without existing groups (e.g. me) I really struggled to know where to look.

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17 hours ago, lordabdul said:

I just edited my post to mention private Discord servers that you get access to if you're a patron of some YouTuber or podcaster. I'm a member of two in which you have a good chance of finding people interested in RuneQuest.

Does not change my thought that we need to give a one line or two line classified for the people by the people (where have I heard that before) in Wind Whispers I grant you printing costs will go up... wait a minute... okay, I will give you will have to cut 2 lines from a email and then paste both  ‘em into a WordPress box hit a soft carriage return and maybe end up with a horrible repetitive strain injury. But, being the rebel I am, I cry...

Viva the free peoples classified, libre!
It seems people would dig it and you want to give that to other people..sheesh.. 

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Can I add that there are several online RPG's conventions coming up. We had empty seats for some of the RQ games at GenCon Online last month. The next one is PAX Online with games running from 17th - 20th of September. These are a great opportunity to try RQ and VTT games. 

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15 minutes ago, Psullie said:

Can I add that there are several online RPG's conventions coming up. We had empty seats for some of the RQ games at GenCon Online last month. The next one is PAX Online with games running from 17th - 20th of September. These are a great opportunity to try RQ and VTT games. 

Yes, we should have a running calendar of Conventions as well. We will get around to keeping on top of that I wonder if we should ask for a volunteer who can keep up on those items and feed them to us after a thorough vetting, fact checking and editing. We get the info and post it to the site. I do not mean a review but a one liner with dates and and URLs all part of a service. Add in a one or two line "want games" "want players" etc... this would have to be simple, a post saying what is wanted and a PM address and name or an email for followup elsewhere. Glorantha stuff only!

Ludo, look at all the likes and positive comments we are getting :> If we truly wish to be peer to peer we need to listen to what our peers want... Granted we can not let the listeners be the tail that wagged the dog, we will have to be us before we are them, but  simple services... well consider this a part of the editor meetings this Friday guys. @Joerg. and @lordabdul 

There are lots of ways of improving our services to the community and I hope my partners are taking notes on what you guys want and what we can do well (but easily). We are hobbyists after all who would like to play and then talk about Glorantha. 

Thanks ever so much for letting us use this thought  of the OP's to help players looking for games and examining how many folk want this to happen @J_Noll.


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