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Another idea how to use these four maps: 

If you want to write an adventure (for JC?) either -->
a) Have a look where other adventures are located, and reuse some of the themes, NPCs, etc. to make your adventure more interlinked with stuff that is already out there. 
b) Have a look where other adventures are located, and build an adventure around a place that wasn´t used before in official publications, and making it stand out by that choice. 

It works BOTH ways. :-)

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2 hours ago, Nick Brooke said:

Beautiful work, Andre! I'd suggest using different-coloured dots rather than different-coloured numbers on your published RQG adventure locations map. Grey numbers and white numbers look pretty similar...

I don´t want to change the colours of the dots. 

Red dots = RQG
Blue dots = RQ 1-3
Green dots = HQ

I changed the light grey numbers of the adventures in "The Smoking Ruins" to light blue, so that they are not look to similar to the white numbers of the "The Pegasus Plateau" adventures. 

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Updated the JC Map: added "Kralori Primer", "Remembering Caroman", In a Merry Green Vale" and "Applefest". 


I have still no clue what to do with setting books like "Men of the West", "Kingdom of the Flamekings", or with adventures/encounters that could happen anywhere (in Sartar), like "Legion", "A Tale of Woodcraft" or "The Pendulum & the Pit". 

I will update this JC map in the future, showing the places where adventures take place, when a) if it is an adventure, and b) if a location is given. 


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