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A Humakti and an Orlanthi

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A Humakti and an Orlanthi thane are traversing the Starfire Ridges when they espy an unnatural, rectangular yellow blob below them. The Orlanthi says, “Hey, climb down there and find out what that’s for”. The Humakti descends to a wide ledge, prods the blob with his scabbard and notes that it appears to be an altar made of some rubbery matter.

With a screech, a harpy drops on to the altar and tries to claw the Humakti’s face off. In one movement, he knocks the creature over with his scabbard, draws his sword and severs its wing bone on the altar. The Orlanthi eventually climbs down and, seeing the mess everywhere, says “Well, did you find out what it’s for?”

The Humakti cleans his sword and replies, “A pinion is divided on the matter”.

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Given the altar & the dismembered limb on it, I'd say they're proceeding on a wing and a prayer.


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Oh, this is going to be truly evil, and man, I do apologize, but as of this second I can not tell you why I suggest that you hold off for a while with yer best... oh no you don’t... you won’t make me talk... not even the threat of Beat Pots cookery will unseal these lips. Still,  may I  suggest you warm up you talent here and save your best for later? You might thank me. Again a thousand apologies, I feel terrible asking. 

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ETA @lordabdul and @Joerg. we will have to thank Sumath on air, for this horrible breach of etiquette.


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