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One for the errata? Defense Super Power

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Hey there. I'm just looking for a little clarification. The description for Defense (BRP p. 151) lists the benefit as a 5% reduction in chance to be hit per level, but the summary in the super power list (BRP p. 147 & p. 390) says that reduction is 1% per level.

I suspect this disconnect came about because the original listing for Defense in SuperWorld (SW PDF p. 43) has the benefit at the 1%/level rate while the SuperWorld Companion (SWC PDF p. 7) indicates a change to the 5%/level rate.

Either one works, of course, so long as everyone in the game knows which version is being used (and possibly why), but I was curious which Jason (or the long-lost Sam, or anyone else for that matter) intended to be "official."

Mostly, though, I thought it might be worth having this in the errata for folks who might be confused and don't happen to have the Superworld books handy to help them work out just why there's a discrepancy in the rules.



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