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[download]The Druid Occupation


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The Druid Occupation

  This is just a little something I threw together in my spare time.   This book is not, in any way, a product of my artistic or writing ability. Every bit of art
and most of the descriptions were “borrowed” from many other, much more talented people from other books, and around the internet. Some of the content was inspired by Classic Fantasy.

  Druids are a type of priest, protectors of nature and worshipers of forest deities. They hold the sun, the moon, and the trees (particularly oak and ash) as sacred representatives of the divine. They are the caretakers of plants and animals, and while they condone the hunting of woodland creatures and the cutting of trees as necessary for the survival of the civilized races, they are intolerant of wasteful exploitation. In these cases, druids can be patiently devious in their revenge on those who would profit at the expense of nature. Mistletoe is the holy symbol of the druid. Druids are uneasy in civilized areas and prefer the solitude of their small log and stone cottages and sacred groves deep within the wilder regions of The Realm.


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