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Assassin Creed Odyssey

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Wow.. I have to share...

I dunno about other Assassin Creed game. Odyssey is my first one. In this game there is a hint of surnatural, just a hint. Like the hero can jump from any height without damage.. And sometimes NPC mention "how does she do that", but it's mostly mundane otherwise...

So, when after like 120 hours I discover the gate of Atlantis, I was thrilled! 😮
But it was just the gate of a dead city then....

80 hours later in the game I... went into Elysium, and The Underworld! This was magical! 😮 The Gods are real, let me tell you! And they are spiteful and nothing to like about them...
Anyway, the underworld is amazing, so well rendered, I can help but gaze in wonder at the despair around me, and marvel! 😮 

(FYI this does require the "Fate of Atlantis" DLC, it's an humongously big DLC of incredible quality! 😮



Ha yes, that's Cerberus. We have to fight it to get in....

Anyway I can say my purpose in life is to become a traveller of the planes of existence! 😮   😛 

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