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Seseine and Vovisibor cult & rune spells

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I'm about to start prepping for  a new campaign and want to make use of a couple of Chaos powers I've not made use of in the past. Just wondering if anyone  could direct me to either any official rules and spell lists for Seseine and Vovisibor?

i tend to use a similar format for cults in my campaign and a lot of them become a bit changed from their canon in the way we play them so it would be great to see what other people have put together for those cults in their own games.

All the best



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To my knowledge neither has ever been written up as a cult as they were both Pamaltelan and outside of primary focus.  

You can find the following on Seseine in the Guide p.704

Submission to higher powers often brings unexpected rewards. The goddess wields her great powers with temptations which trouble both Life and Chaos alike, and her powers take equally from both.

And also on p.704-5, the artwork reference

Seseine Priestess: The Seseine priestess is a beautiful woman. She is mostly nude, but wears a diaphanous skirt and jewelry to enhance her attractiveness; she is aware of her near nudity and using it to inflame the desire of her cultists (and thereby gain magical power for herself). She is dancing with a cruel ecstasy and has visible contempt for her cultists, knowing that they are mere tools that would do anything she commanded.

Cultists: Her cultists are largely in the darkness. One is presenting the priestess with a human head, recently taken from one of her rivals or enemies. The cultists have skin colors that range
from dark black to blue. They include the rulers and priests of this Fonritian city, all gathered in secret worship.
Statue of the Goddess: The statue of Seseine is dimly visible in the background. It depicts a beautiful woman, painted blue and wearing jewelry made of human heads and a black moon crowned above her head.

Also in Fonrit (p.553) there is also a reference to the following individual:

Seseine Kallig: This demigod sorceress was originally a blue slave. She claims to be the incarnation of the Chaos goddess Seseine and to have seduced a god of Death into servitude. She is served by an all-female band of assassins, all blues and all fanatically loyal.

For magic, think Uleria transformed into powers of seduction, addiction, etc.  I'd expect she'd have Charisma. Probably has magic to Arouse/Inspire (Lust/Loyalty) as passions in a target. Wouldn't surprise me if she has an equivalent to Bless Champion, except that it adds a Chaos Taint. Might have something like Hallucinate, but a version that is directed at a target instead of the self.

As for Vovisibor Filth-that-Walks, also on p.704

The Filth-Which-Walks
This entity invaded Pamaltela in the Chaos War, melting its way through the mountain wall and defeating all who opposed it. It was finally thrown down by Pamalt when he assembled all the gods of the South and together they destroyed it.

also a reference on p.576

Hunralki: This shaman encountered Vovisibor in the Spirit World and survived, although the Filth-that-Walks escaped from the Scorched Earth.

and p.691

The Artmali were corrupted by Vovisibor, so that they bred with monsters and beasts, and worshiped Gods of Evil. Pamalt had the Old Gods tip the Sky and pour its fire upon Vovisibor, destroying him.

Based on those references, I think Vovisibor is like Wakboth - destroyed/defeated during the Great Darkness, so not actively worshipped.  But, Hunralki's encounter suggests that Vovisibor's spirit exists and may be returning.  I'd probably start from the perspective that it's now a chaotic spirit (much like the Bad Man) - it can be summoned, but will possess the summoner.  Maybe transforms the target into something like a Cacodemon fiend, but with a fetch and access to some of the same spells as Pocharngo and Primal Chaos.

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Some notes:





An intense desire for some object, emo­tion, or state of being can lead a person to use evil or corrupt means to gain such. Such vile, overwhelming passion is incited by Seseine, who rules demons of desire, succubi, and similarly horrible creatures. 




Charisma, Desire, Dominate Human, La Petite Mort, Sadness
Temporarily creates a Lust Passion

Dominate Human

When a succubus encounters a lone member of the opposite sex, it can match its POW vs. the victim’s POW. If the succubus is victorious, the victim’s will is suppressed and he obeys all the creature’s desires until it leaves him. The next morning, he only vaguely remembers what happened as an extremely pleasant dream.

Like a long-duration Demoralize



A succubus is a chaotic parallel to a fertility nymph. It takes form from the psychic and physical residue of perversion, rape, passion murder, or similar acts. A succubus can shapechange, appearing female or male at will -- always of the same species involved in the original act. In male form the creature is called an incubus. A succubus or incubus can dematerialize or reappear at will. However, if its body is destroyed, the succubus dissolves and cannot reform without the impetus of another sexual crime.

A succubus travels at night, seeking out people to seduce. Once it has found a victim, it visits him or her nightly until driven off or the victim dies. If necessary, the creature will hypnotize its victim to enable it to continue its activities.
When a succubus encounters a lone member of the opposite sex, it can match its POW vs. the victim’s POW. If the succubus is victorious, the victim’s will is suppressed and he obeys all the creature’s desires until it leaves him. The next morning, he only vaguely remembers what happened as an extremely pleasant dream. Each consecutive time that a succubus overcomes a particular victim, the succubus’s chances for success on subsequent attempts are increased by 10%.
A male visited by a succubus loses a point of CON each time, continuing until death ensues. A woman visited by an incubus eventually becomes pregnant and gives birth to a child tainted with Chaos -- often a lamia or an ogre. An incubus cannot impregnate a woman until it has first visited a male victim (in succubus form). 

A succubus can choose any size it desires, up to a maximum of its POW. Its size does not affect its hit points, which are always equal to its CON.


CON 2D6+15

SIZ up to POW

INT 3D6+6

POW 2D6+12


CHA 2D&+18

Move: 10

weapon a% damage

Grapple 65 special

Fist 65 1D3+1D4

SKILLS: Craft (Courtesan) 97.
MAGIC: forms body from psychic residue of illicit sex; changes form from male to female; Dominate Human ability; 

LANGUAGE: all local languages at 100.

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Thank you so much, hugely appreicate all the information you've put out there.

I can see a role for both cults and their influence in the upcoming campaign even more clearly and more unpleasently than before :lol:

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theres a lot of potential for twisting the fertility runes and spells with Seseine and similarly for coming up with some suitably unpleasent tranformative spells with Vovisibor. Both will work nicely in the setting of a ruined town with haunted memories and dark secrets.

Thanks once more everyone

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Thanks Jeff! 

Similar to my thoughts. Succubi and Seseine are clearly very closely linked. 

And absolutely the cult should have the power to create Lust passions - perhaps not just temporarily somehow, and perhaps a version of Arouse Passion that works only for Lust (and perhaps Greed and other related passions). Introducing the Passion mechanic into RQ has been such a great change, and it should be 'leaned into' at every opportunity, passions drive drama so well! 

Passion spirits of Lust (from the Bestiary) seem obviously linkable to Seseine as well. Which might be their mechanism for creating more lasting Lust passions. 

And just noting here the change from Succubi in RQ3, which were always sorcerers, and had to cast Dominate Human as a sorcery spell - it makes much more sense for them to have control over humans as an intrinsic power, and to be linked to the Seseine cult, perhaps with access to its divine magic.

Though there may be Seseine related sorcery around as well, such as Dominate Succubus, the Vadeli influence gets in everywhere and perverts everything. Its long been my theory that the reason there are SO many more succubi in Pamaltela is originally because of the Vadeli Empire there, who discovered the existence of succubi and then would deliberately create them through ritual perverse sex rituals in order to use them as weapons against the Artmali particularly, and then the Artmali became corrupted in ways which further proliferated them. But that is deep background stuff that need not concern a modern game - apart from noting that succubi and the Seseine cult are perfect elements for Fonritian intrigue plots, and the Vadeli probably know more than you'd like about this stuff. 

Its also long been a sort of aphorism that in Pamaltela, Chaos creatures tend to more often manifest as powerful individuals rather than groups (though its a loose trend rather than any form of strict rule). I feel ogres in Pamaltela are more often the children of succubi, and usurping a position that should rightfully go to someone of true lineage and corrupting society through its influence, than the isolated cannibal bands more typical in Genertela. 



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I generally think of Vovisibor Filth-that-walks as a combination of Wakboth and Primal Chaos. A source of both chaotic beings and chaotic spirits, contactable only on the spirit plane now, sounds like it would work for what is left of it in the modern era, after Pamalt used the sky fire to burn its body to less than ash. Much like a spirit cult of Primal Chaos with many Chaos spirits. 

I don't think many humans would be do deranged as to intentionally worship it - maybe the occasional shaman who strayed where they shouldn't and was overwhelmed by it, going mad. Mostly the only beings who would intentionally contact it would be the broos and grayskins of the Nargan (whose influence has sometimes extended beyond). It seems too primal and malevolent even for corrupted Fonritians or Vadeli. 

Though Vovisibor is that only foe that truly challenged Pamalt so he could not face it directly, but was forced to use more drastic means and get cooperation of all of Necklace and other allies. So mythically, anyone that is entirely without morality and wants to oppose the power of Pamalt might find Vovisibor attractive - such as the ogre or lamia children of succubi mentioned above. 

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