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How are Sartarite marriages arranged?


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Thinking about marriage raids.

The model would be Orlanth and Ernalda.  Woman wants out of an oppressive marriage she can't escape for some reason, gets guy to come challenge her husband, sometimes it escalates into a battle, she goes back with her new protector, marries him.

(I could also see this being a custom where you have to overcome your future wife's guardian in three contests to then marry her.)

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3 hours ago, Minion1stClass said:

Death and Life are not likely to mix long term. To become one, they get divorced (severing from their old life), but they can after becoming initiates go through the Resheathing ceremony to remain within society which could include marriage. (Storm Tribe is where this is described) There's also the fun bit about are children from a Humakti, because they embody death, undead? I can't remember where that is from. :D But they do mention no find undead ever lock onto the kids. I would imagine if a follower of Humakt wants to marry it's on their own without a match maker. After all, they have no family status for someone to marry into. They are more likely to just enjoy the company of favored partners, imo then to marry. If they retain any desires of such things at all.

It's in Storm Tribe, if nowhere else (p. 106). So all normal caveats about it bo longer beiung canon.  That said, it describes the 'Bare Blades' philosophy, which is that Humakti should have no relationships, no sex, no marriage and that any children of Humakti are undead (but that Humakti destroy undead powers have never worked on such children) and the 'Hoods' philosophy that says Humakti can marry, have kids, etc as Humakti's  connection to death gives them a special sensitivity to life.

It also notes that followers of both philosophies get a blessing from Humakti to be happy with their choice.

Humakt is an even-handed guy, isn't he? 

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17 hours ago, jajagappa said:

They were part of a triarchy (i.e. clan A marries into clan B, clan B into clan C, clan C into clan A).  The Taral Wars rose out of one of the clans marrying outside the three.  

The Maboder tribe are another noted as being a triarchy.

Well, the Lonisi are now gone...

Under Taraling, there's also specific reference to binding clans through marriage to strengthen the bonds. (I'm just looking for specific references to the idea in canon)

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