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So... I'm running Delta Green live on Twitch...

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On June 20th I will be running a scenario of my own devising - Black Thumb - live on Twitch.
Only this has one or two very special guests.  The players are:

Dr Paul Mitchener - the author of ENnie nominated Liminal

Guy Milner - burnafterrunning.com owner and all-round nice guy (pun unintended)
@pookie - you all know who he is

Seth Skorkowsky - you also all know who he is

wait for it...

Shane Ivey - President of Arc Dream Publishing and co-author of Delta Green:  the roleplaying game

It is going to be on JamesCORP's Twitch stream - starting 7.30pm UK time (not sure about the over-the-pond).

So make sure to tune in to watch me either really impress everyone or fall flat on my face while I get pwned on the rules by the guy... who wrote the rules.

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This sounds interesting, thank you. I think that translates to 11:30am Saturday California time (good time to grab a pint). I've never joined a twitch stream before so i'm going to try and listen to this. Thx, Gil

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