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Magic-Users and Weapon Use


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4 hours ago, Garydee said:

Magic -Users can only build their combat style with bonus points. Does that mean the max they can start at is 10%?

They get their characteristics as well, so str+dex+10%

he appears to be using classic fantasy, @fulk so a little different rules. 

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Yeah, it's Classic Fantasy.  It says that, "Magic-users are typically not trained in the use of weapons; therefore, the magic-user Combat Style may only be developed with Bonus Skill Points"
 Strange wording.  It sounds like str+dex isn't used. Maybe it's saying you just don't get the 5% bonus that most of the combat classes have.

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6 hours ago, fulk said:

Ah. OK.  I don't have CF.  

definitely a different take on D&D, but still has the same feel. it does a fair bit of twisting and manipulation of Mythras. good stuff, and worth the pick up

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