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7th Sea Card Game in Development: Fan Playtest June 18


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Hi 7th Sea Fans! David Lapp here from Pine Box Entertainment, CEO & Lead Developer of Doomtown. I’m happy to announce we are publishing 7th Sea: City of the Five Sails, a new card game licensed from Chaosium. As fans of both the original CCG (which this is not a relaunch of) and the RPG, we want to give you the first opportunity to check out the game, which is currently still in playtest. Initially we wanted to do this by bringing in folks to our table at Origins Game Fair, but we have adapted and have the files available on TableTop Simulator to give you an early look at this project. We want feedback from you, the fans, as we venture further into development and work towards production. We greatly appreciate your input and will set up two methods for you to experience 7th Sea: City of the Five Sails:

1. Starting June 18, we can provide you with the files so that you and your friends can play on TableTop Simulator that weekend, learning on your own, and then completing a Google Forms to submit to Pine Box.
2. We will assign you and another player to a dedicated time slot from June 18 – June 21 in which you will have a playtest member assigned to you to teach you the game.

No matter which method you choose, first get started by expressing your interest via email at pineboxentertainment@gmail.com.

Note, however, both formats will require having access and knowledge of how to use TableTop Simulator. Registration closes on June 17. This is not an official Origins Online Event, as we want to keep it exclusive to you, the fans.

Thank you very much for your assistance and we look forward to bringing you a great game set in the world of 7th Sea!

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