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Malleus Monstrorum - Corrections Thread

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Looking at the index of Volume II, some Gods are mentioned in multiple places. For example, take Nyarlathotep. Here is the index entry: It would be great if the main entry could be highlight

Thank you Mr. Mason! But I especially want to thank to all the members who were proof-reading the book and posting their comments here! Speaking from a perspective of a person that is relatively new a

P246 - left sidebar crush should deal 5d6 damage, and grab should deal 1D6 damage + 10 con

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Volume II

Page 240 - Column 2


spells missing


Page 241 -  left sidebar


since regular sanity loss is 2D4/2D10, it should be 4D4/4D10 when doubled.

P244 - left sidebar


should be Zathog instead


Page 241 - column 2


Zathog here is both mindless and intelligent. 

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volume 2 - page 196 - left sidebar


wrong half and one-fifth value


volume 2 - page 249 - right sidebar


the highlighted part should be deleted


volume 2 - page 250 - column 1


missing right parenthesis


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Mike, in light of Meow's latest posts, can you confirm the exact date when the files were sent to the printer? 

I'm new to CoC and was really excited about pre-ordering the physical books from a hobby game store (haven't pulled the trigger yet), but I must admit that the obvious errors and omissions that might remain in the printed books are dampening my enthusiasm. I'm currently unemployed and with many products on the market competing for my attention, my game dollars unfortunately don't stretch as far as they once did.

I imagine that Chaosium will publish an official errata sheet at some point... but given the price of the slipcase set, I'm thinking twice about purchasing.

Thanks for your time.   

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All of the corrections noted have been input and updated to the PDF (available now) and in the print files. Thus the printed books will not have these errors in them. I have seen the files and they have been corrected. 

With such large volumes of text it is near impossible to have them error free despite multiple external proofreaders and multiple persons in-house checking. Fresh pairs of eyes from readers of the PDF help to spot things that have been missed - allowing us to fix them for the PDF and the print run. So thanks again to all who posted corrections. 

There will not be an errata sheet for Malleus at this stage, as all errors have been corrected prior to print - and everyone who has purchased it can re-download the PDF. Should any other errors come to light post printing, then errata (as necessary) will be posted, and such errors will be fixed in the PDF and for reprints. This is standard practice for all Chaosium books. We endeavor to make them error free, but we are just humans and do not yet have the multi-dimensional hyper eyesight of Yithians. ; )


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Thanks for the lightning quick reply, Mike. 

I understand the challenge of producing error-free books with such massive word counts, but I am really pleased that you managed to catch the errors noted by Meow before submitting to the printer.

I expect these books will be gorgeous, and with your assurances, I feel confident that I can proceed with a pre-order from my favourite game store.


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