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[M-Space] Repair costs?


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As said, gearing up for a Drinax game. I figure, my players are obviously going to get into starship fights (pirates, after all) and will get their ship(s) banged up. My question is, how to figure out repair costs? I haven't seen anything (yet) explicitly calling out costs for ships (except maintenance at 1% per month/4 sessions). Am I missing something? Or do we assume it's like Hit Point cost (i.e. 5000cr per hit point lost) and cost to replace something (like 1000cr per crew stateroom if that got hit, for example)? Or some other figuring I'm missing?

I feel like the answer is probably quite simple but my haphazard reading is missing it...

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5 minutes ago, Pentallion said:

If you're playing Drinax the ship descriptions give maintenace costs in Traveller economy.  So much of the campaign is in Traveller economy that you'd be better off not converting the money system.

I see. Hmm. My impression was, costs in M-Space are lower, which frankly, I wanted to use (to create a feel more like Firefly for costs instead of the Traveller “for some reason you and your friends, virtual nobodies, are being given a loan for 23 million credits on the assumption your tramp freighter business will somehow generate a few hundred thousand credits a year over expenses”).

Ah well, that’s the answer then. Thanks!

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