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Online KAP - Roll20 Resources?

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I am looking in to reviving my long quiescent Pendragon campaign via Roll20 and I was wondering if there are any useful resources that people like to use for their games?

For instance - I see that there are a few pre-built Pendragon character sheets that I can add but which is the best to use? Are there particular art assets or token sets that people think give a good vibe for game?


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48 minutes ago, silburnl said:

Oooh, I like those.

That was my thoughts entirely. I use the hunt in KAP as the intro game for new players on Chaosium meet up days. The bear is really useful  (if you know the scenario). Ise the king and lady for Earl Robert and his wife. I use the two sword fighters for the player (I've four more that I've recoloured the tunics).



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1 hour ago, Luna Guardian said:

Besides Roll20, has anyone had success with running Pendragon over the internet with other solutions? Foundry Virtual Tabletop seems interesting and doesn't have a monthly subscription, but apparently a lot of stuff needs to be imported manually?

We played our first playthrough of GPC (from Roman War onwards, since we had done tabletop with the Boy King up to Badon before GPC was published) using mainly Skype and IRC for chat and dicebot, and then phasing Skype out for TeamSpeak3.

In our current playthrough (485 onwards, now at 535), we still use TeamSpeak3 for voice, since we had so much trouble getting everyone's voice to work in Roll20, but we use Roll20 for rolls and drawing on the campaign map to show where the knights are going, and so forth. We don't use a tactical map.

I am also playing in a Pathfinder game, where the voice is handled with Zoom, and Roll20 is for tactical map combat.

Alas, I do not have experience with other virtual tabletops.

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