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Out now in Print: TRADITION (Sandheart Volume Three)

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Jonathan Webb's third Sandheart scenario is out now in PDF from the Chaosium's Jonstown Compendium web store on DriveThruRPG: TRADITION.


"For hundreds of years, one day in every year, braziers have been lit in a cave near Sandheart and left to burn for the night. No one can remember why, but it is recorded as an important cult duty and that seems a good enough reason for the tradition to be upheld.

"Another year passes and the militia are sent on their annual pilgrimage to light the braziers. Just the same old same old… but not this time.

"Tradition: Sandheart Volume Three is a mini-campaign set in Sun County and can be played on its own or integrated with Sandheart Volumes One & Two. At 82 pages / 30,000+ words (not counting preface, credits, handouts, etc.), it includes over thirty bespoke illustrations. The scenario is bundled with a 24-page supplement containing printable versions of all the maps and handouts."

This book is lavishly illustrated, with artwork by Mark Baldwin, Kris Herbert, Jacob Webb, Ludovic Chabant and Beverley Webb, and cartography by Jonathan Webb, Diana Probst, Kris Herbert and Nick Brooke. I did the layout, because I loved reading the scenario so much when Jon sent it to me for feedback.

My marketing spiel: "This scenario is just beautiful, it's pure Glorantha. You want a hero-questing dungeon-crawling police-procedural martial-arts siege situation, featuring weaponised bison, ninja raids, hot archival action and a hippy VW camper-rhino? Jon's got you covered.” 

Link: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/319251/Tradition-Sandheart-Volume-Three?affiliate_id=192945

Edited by Nick Brooke
Now available in PDF (2 July) and Print (28 Aug)
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If you bought our new book yesterday, please consider leaving a rating and/or a review at DriveThruRPG to inform other potential customers. (The website imposes a 24-hour time-lock before you can leave ratings/reviews, to give you time to look at what you just bought)

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There's Morokanth illustrations by Kris Herbert (above) and Mark Baldwin (not in the preview), plus dozens more pictures Jonathan commissioned to illustrate his scenario. It's a real beauty, and it was an absolute pleasure to get it into shape for this release.

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The print files for Tradition have been approved by DriveThruRPG's layout team and uploaded to Lightning Source (the print-on-demand firm) for quality checks...

... meanwhile, work continues on remastered versions of Sandheart Volumes One and Two. Because we all love our printed books, don't we? 🙂


Edited by Nick Brooke
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The bad news is, the frontispiece didn't look as good as it should (because some doofus included a low-resolution image by mistake). The good news is, everything else looks brilliant. So we've resubmitted a corrected file to DriveThru, and live in hope that "Sandheart Volume Three - Tradition" will be out next month in hardcover. In the meantime, these photos of the only printed copy in existence can whet your appetites...

Tradition Front.jpg







Tradition Back.jpg


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4 hours ago, Aprewett said:

Can it be confirmed if this is the same situation as previous printings - Valley of Plenty for example, where prior purchase of the PDF gets a discount on the print book? Thanks

Thank you for asking, but I'm afraid not. I would like to offer that deal (not least because it's what Chaosium customers have come to expect), but we can't.

We have learned DriveThruRPG customer services find it challenging to operate those schemes, and we don't want to make it hard for them to sell our printed books, or they might just pull the plug on the print side of things.

(You'll see that our "Glamour" book no longer has a print+PDF bundle: that's for the same reason)

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