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Which is Your "Basic" Legend Magic System?

Vile Traveller

Which is Your "Basic" Legend Magic System?  

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  1. 1. Legend has a bunch of magic systems from the get-go, and a few more in supplements. Which do you think makes the best "basic" or "standard" system for a game, and why?

    • Common Magic
    • Divine Magic
    • Sorcery
    • Spirit Magic
    • Blood Magic
    • Rune Magic (Vikings)
    • Other (explain below)

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I voted for Common Magic.

IMO, it's the most straightforward in application. The description of Common Magic in the core book presents it as a standard magic system.

"Spells and cantrips that are ubiquitous to many cultures and societies. Common Magic manipulates the natural order with varying degrees of subtlety and offers a host of effects that ease daily life or augment specific endeavours, such as combat and skill use.

... the nature and effects of Common Magic are visible to all, understood by most and recognisable from one culture to another."

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35 minutes ago, Mugen said:

But it depends on campaign background,

In a sense, I think that's part of the question - which of the systems is least campaign-dependent? Which is easiest to adapt to different settings?

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On 8/7/2020 at 5:29 AM, Vile Traveller said:

I kind of thought Sorcery might be the one, but it looks like Common Magic is well ahead.

I had been looking at using Futharc Runes and Beth-Luis-Nion Ogham/ Tree alphabet as a means for magic in Northern Germanic/ Celtic systems had had been going to ask for advice when a friend gave me a copy of the Mongoose Vikings in Legend which uses the runes already. Has anyone developed it further? Or used the Tree Alphabet in a similar way? 

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