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Using Magic from BRP


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I don't think it would be any difficulty.. instead of multiple skill you get one umbrella skill (or more if you so desire) and each spell as trait / stunt...

Personal comment, I only played one campaign with RD100 and I might not have mastered the best way to... experience it? (probably not since I plan to go back to BRP! 😮 ) 

At any rate, the one idea I have, related to your question, is I might go for 1 skill for each magic type, instead of one umbrella catch all magic skill. So that players are not automatically equally good in all magic style. And also to increase the number of spell they can learn.

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Well if you look at the power section in the book, you will see it has a long "power list" subsection with all the power, which work sort of uniformly across magic type, and then some other subsection that explain how each magic system in its ways of casting spell, acquiring them, extending them, about 2 or 3 pages each overall.

If you browse at the power list you will recognise many spell from other edition, so you will see how your spell fit here.

So chose your unique spell and compare them to existing one....
Then creature your particular spell casting class and spell casting rituals.

I dunno about Enlightned or Advanced Magic though... 😕 

As a side idea, if I were to import Folk Magic from Mythras I could probably use the spell as is, limit the number of spell to "Folk Magic/10% and done!

One peculiarity of the RD100 system, compare to other D100 system (which I came to BOTH Love and Hate, if such a thing is possible 😮) is how free is magic casting, costing only a bit of fatigue. The limit is whether or not you can do the thing. Then if you can, why limit further? 
I guess it require the GM to give some careful thoughts to what magic should be made available, before making it available....

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I do hear what you're saying about adding "trappings" to powers. Savage Worlds uses the same thing. However, using that approach for magic really feels unflavored and un-magical (to me). I guess I could use Open Quest or something as a base and then use magic systems from mythras, etc. However, Revolution D100 has such a good elegant modern core I would miss that.

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mm... I think you misunderstand me, or I didn't explain myself very well. Having a list of power standalone separate from the the various caster class doesn't make everyone the same. For one thing you obviously will limit which caster class has which spell (in the power description each spell also has the magic style it applies to for example). It just make for an easier power comparison I would say.

Have a read it!
It takes 5 minute to read the first 3 power of the list.. and then you can skip to each class, which about 3-5 pages. And the RD100 SRD is free!

Whatever critic I would lay at RD100, it certainly wouldn't be the genericity or lack of characters of the magic system. I mustn't have described it very well...

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Oh... Advanced Magic... do you mean the additional Sorcery spell from the Magic World supplement?
Nothing give the same mechanical feeling as Sorcery in RD100, but arguably this is just a game mechanic...One could use the Divine magic rule in RD100 for Sorcery. Which is arguably the same thing when divine magic is enlarge to magic provided b any supernatural creature. And one could limit the power of given magic to Allegiance% / x% x being typically 10 or 20 or 30, up to the GM... ;) 

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On 7/14/2020 at 5:09 PM, Archivist said:

I'd definitely use one skill per magic type! Any other thoughts? Is there a document / section that describes rules of thumb for converting over to Revolution D100 from other BRP Systems?

You may instead consider every magic type as a Trait. Spells could be simply Stunts of each one. Depending on how easy shall be your magic, these Stunts may or may not fill a slot. Since you are limited by the number of slots, if a Power Stunt fills a slot, it will limit their number. If not, you could limit the number using Chanelling.

If the powers have an supernatural origin like gods, demons and the like, you may instead use Divine Magic using one Allegiance for each source of power. Cantrips are the equivalant of folk's magic.

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