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Squaredeal Sten

No Aldryami pack

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5 hours ago, nabda said:

the aldryami babeester/shargash? link is an interesting complexity.

"Bebester destroyed all of that was left of the world, so that it could begin anew"

Good catch. However, I believe the bit about Babeester Gor killing much of the world is an artifact of Esrolan mythology specifically. I do like any kind of neat connection though, and the theme of "killing to purify/killing out of grief over their dead parent" is present in both.

On another note, if Shargash had a primordial form of a slash-and-burn agricultural deity, then he might conveivably be involved in early Aldryami conception of Taker (not sure how that relates to Oakfed, if at all).

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I was going to start a Manirian thread about the Elves today... but now I'm going to read all these links before I do so.  This is what's good about a gaming community: people ask questions and offer answers that stumble into one another in interesting ways.


Thanks for the homework, and Sten, I hope your game goes well :)


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12 hours ago, Orlanthatemyhamster said:

I've seen Shannon about on one of the RQ Facebook groups, what about talking to him direct? He can always say no. 

P.S. I would be very interested too.

You could always try contacting him on RPGnet, seeing as he's the administrator there.

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