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Another review for Secrets of Dorastor. Don't forget that it is part of the DTRPG Sale.
[5 Stars] I bought this book because I had discovered the authors website for Glorantha and because I was fascinated by his view of high power, no holds barred RuneQuest, I was not dissappointed!
Secrets of Dorastor is deeply bonkers and shot through with pure gold!
There is just so much great stuff in here with each baddie more deranged than the last but all making complete sense within the context of the living hell that is Dorastor!
If you want to challenge (or just punish ;)) your players send them into Dorastor, they won't know what hit them, honorable broo Humakiti?! 150m tall giants! Evil Demi Gods! Micro Broo! (Not the drink)
The magic items are great the organisations are excellent, there are really nice scenario hooks, on average 3 or 4 PER PAGE and there is even stuff for loads of areas surrounding Dorastor!
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