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RuneQuest Glorantha Coins Set to be released at Gen Con Online by Campaign Coins

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Exciting news for Glorantha fans from our friends at Campaign Coins:

"We are gearing up for #GenConOnline so here is our first new release: RuneQuest Coins, straight from the pages of Chaosium Inc's The Guide to Glorantha. Find them at www.campaigncoins.com on Thursday 30th July 10 AM EDT, as soon as Gen Con Online begins. May Issaries bring you good fortune!"

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2 hours ago, MOB said:

May Issaries bring you good fortune! To mark the commencement of Gen Con Online, our friends at Campaign Coins have their launched their new Gloranthan Coins set. Perfect for RuneQuest roleplaying sessions or for Gloranthan collectors!

Just to check, will Chaosium continue to accept dollars for their books in the future, or should I stock up?...


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Our friends Campaign Coins debuted their new Twitch stream at Gen Con Online. One of the things they were excited to talk about are their new Glorantha coins, launched this weekend! Find out more about Wheels, Lunars, Clacks and Bolgs at 29:49:



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"We have adventured in Greg Stafford's Glorantha for decades, so it is an incredible honour to make the coins of this extraordinary bronze age world of myth and heroism. There is no game like it."

New RuneQuest - Glorantha coins, from our friends at Campaign Coins - may Issaries continue to bring you good fortune!

RuneQuest Series 2 coins available now: https://campaigncoins.com/runequest

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