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Kralorela publications??

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40 minutes ago, Gman said:

has anything been published for this culture or section of Glorantha? Sourcebooks? 

No official publications or sourcebooks (yet).

However, there were a series of articles published in the online RuleOne magazine you can find here: Rule One magazine archive

Look for items written by David Millians particularly.  

Also some other folk on the forum (e.g. @GianniVacca ) have run campaigns in and around that setting and may be able to comment further.

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Kralorela has languished because it just had a sort of "stub" or "placeholder" that was obviously just overloaded with orientalism / colonialism.  Greg (originally) and Chaosium (since) have wisely held off on developing it until they could bring a more nuanced approach.

I understand there is a complete (or nearly complete) draft that is waiting on one or two more things before progressing.

I hope they do justice to the Gloranthan heritage here!

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more small bits:
. Kralorela entries in HeroQuest Voices
. Revealed Mythologies, but most of it got into the GtG
. Glorantha Intro to the Hero Wars, like the GtG with a slightly different take
. martial arts and mysticism rules in the Hero Wars core book

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