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On 8/5/2020 at 1:45 AM, Vile Traveller said:

What do you all imagine the human settlements of the Southern Reached to look like? I tend to visualise them as a sort of hybrid of late Roman and early Medieval Britain, with some Celtic fantasy elements thrown in for good measure. Kind of missing out the Dark Ages, in other words.

Pretty much.

No cod 17th Century Coaching Inns (thank you, the Prancing Pony!) - things more like Mansio's / Cauponae; no paper; few horses; the Reaches as described in the core book and the alas never published "Campaigning in the Southern Reaches" borrow a few terms from feudal societies, but don't really come across as feudal: in my Empire of Irwan there's a senate and great houses in the heart of the Empire that act as checks and balances on the Emperor's power but their attention is not on the Reaches.

I've always assumed it is a predominantly "bronze age" setting - copper alloys are king, there is limit iron in the human nations (probably just bog-iron from the peat bogs of the Iron Fields of Bergalan); the Dwarves possibly have "white metal" (steel) but no one else knows how they make it (nor has access to the high quality iron ores that would make it easier).

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I've always had a problem figuring out how tech would advance in a magic setting. 

In my mind I see better construction, better irrigation, and better sanitation because of magical monsters in general. More attune with Renaissance era than dark ages. When great minds are coming up with great art and ingenious devices.

Edit: I realize it's a common mindset that societies who have magic advance in tech slower, and this may be true in a high magic setting where magic is so common its used for every day chores and even the lowest class person might know a Cantrip or 2.

But in a lower magic setting such as MW, where there's a fairly high requirement for being able to use magic, its only used by a few which should cause us normal humans to try and catch up the only way we can. Through tech.

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