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Occupation supplement and new modern supplement for 7th Edition

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Recently I went back to read occupation section from the 1920s Investigator's Companion. It's fun and provides much differentiation in character building stage, which is highly similar to the Experience Package in 7e investigator's book. I kind of think that expericnce packages actually derived from that.

Is there any chance that the 1920s Occupation would get a official upgrade, maybe fully converted into experience packages for 7e players?


Also my friend shared with me the Supplement book Cthulhu 2020 published by KADOKAWA, Japan. The book is a mess overall, but it provides in the occupation section some real up-to-date options, such as Youtuber or Idol. These settings might seem a little strange, but do call the ancient horrors up from their cold dead graves to year 2020. 

Will there be a official supplement set in 2020 lovecraftian country, or at least America?




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