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[OpenQuest] Empires Rising


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D101 games is proud to announce 'Empires Rising' a scenario/sourcebook for OpenQuest by Nathan Baron.

Two fledgling empires inspire to rule the world of Athennia, each making a fast grab for territory.

* The Grydornlan Empire, a totalitarian regime that uses religious enlightenment as an excuse to conquer its weaker neighbours, threatens to engulf the entire Southern Continent.

* Atalansia, a major naval power, sails the seas liberating nations from the yoke of tyranny.

In the middle stands the Alliance, a handful of nations and smaller states who frightened of the prospect of invasion have decided to take a stand against the oncoming storm.

Guide to Empires Rising

Empires Rising is a new stand alone fantasy setting for OpenQuest filled with adventure, warfare, conquest and Empire building!

The Guide includes:

* A Gazetteer which includes a brief history of the world, a list of important NPCs and information about the three major civilisations; Atalansia, the Alliance and the Grydorlan Empire.

* New character concepts.

* A bestiary of new monsters.

* Cult entries for the main religion ‘The Twelve Pilgrims’ and lesser cults.

* How magic works in Athennia. Rules for the use of Battle Magic, Divine Magic and Sorcery in the setting.

Four scenarios

Each is set in a different part of the world, with a differing theme and its own Gazetteer at the beginning and is intended to showcase different aspects of the setting.

* Pirates of the Black Isles – Rumours are rife that a long-dead infamous Pirate, Captain Xanbarer, left a map to his treasure horde hidden inside clay pot. Now this pot has mysteriously turned up in the possession of a one-eyed hermit living on one of the outer islands.

* Curse of the Necromancer – Residents of a small village are complaining of a Necromancer who has cursed their lands. A high reward is now being offered to those who are brave enough to venture into Necromancer’s layer and being back the despicable man’s head.

* Shadow Over Grydor – Seeds of a new plot are uncovered that sends ripples to the very heart of the Imperial Palace. Fearing that the troubles could spill over into civil war, a band of Imperial agents are dispatched to put an end to a conspiracy.

* The King Thief – When a leading Senator hires a group of thieves to steal secret information from a rival and it leads to more than he bargains for. He realises he has disturb a great evil that slumbers deep beneath the city’s streets awaiting to be re-awoken.

Empires Rising is the third adventure/setting book for OpenQuest and is broadly compatible with other D100 systems such as RuneQuest and Basic Roleplaying.

It is currently being worked on for a Summer 2010 release.

Head Honcho of D101 Games
Publisher of Crypts and Things/Monkey/OpenQuest/River of Heaven
The Sorcerer Under the Mountain

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