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HeroQuest trademark

AJ The Ronin

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I remember years ago a company tried to kickstart HeroQuest 25th anniversary edition (of the old board game). One of the red hearings that project was a scam is that Moon Design (now Chaosium) owns the HeroQuest trademark. That project was a fiasco.


Now a new company is filling for the HeroQuest trademark again and I guess they will have the same problem as before.


That said, I would love to see the old HeroQuest board game back in print, but I guess it won't happen as long as Chaosium owns the trademark. 

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This topic addressed elsewhere on this forum:

Trademark rights are a contentious business, and I recall when the shoe was on the other foot, and fans of RuneQuest and Glorantha lamented that they'd never see "HeroQuest" in print under that name as it'd been promised since the late-70s.


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The other company didn't even have the deference to *talk* to Chaosium. Maybe this time i'ts different, I don't know.
I know people who pledged at that kickstarter, luckily for me I saw clearly that it was a scam. It's an ongoing joke amongst the Spanish community, at this pace they will name it 35th anniversary.

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