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Glorantha-Earth calendar alignment

Roko Joko

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I wanted to understand the Gloranthan calendar better, so I aligned the solstices and equinoxes to Earth's and came up with this table.  The lineup was never quite intuitive when you have 4 seasons that are like the regular ones, plus 1¼ extra.  This is cool; I never knew Storm 1st was January 1st, for example.

Glorantha-Earth calendar alignment based on solstices and equinoxes
(Northern hemisphere).
Earth day = 87 + (1.2415 x Glorantha day).    (365/284 = 1.2415.)
Glorantha day = (Earth day - 87) x 0.8055.    (284/365 = 0.8055.)

Sea Season:         Sea 1      Mar 28            April                
late Spring
                    Sea 29     May 2             May

Fire Season:        Fire 1     Jun 7             June
early Summer        Fire 12    Summer solstice                      
                    Fire 29    Jul 12            mid-July to mid-August

Earth Season:       Earth 1    Aug 15            mid-August to mid-Sep
late Summer,
early Fall          Earth 29   Sep 19            October
                    Earth 30   Fall equinox

Dark Season:        Dark 1     Oct 24            November    
early Winter
                    Dark 29    Nov 28            December
                    Dark 47    Winter solstice
Storm Season:       Storm 1    Jan 1             January
late Winter
                    Storm 29   Feb 5             February

Sacred Time:        Sacred 1   Mar 13            mid-March            
early Spring        Sacred 9   Spring equinox


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