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Last chance to buy: Savage North, Life and Death, Crucible of Dragons


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Hi folks

The following OpenQuest titles will be discontinued by this time next month. 

  • The Savage North
  • Life and Death
  • Crucible of Dragons

They've been available for a long time now, between 10 and 6 years, and during that time the idea of redoing them has come up many times.

You'll be seeing a re imagined version of Savage North (tentatively entitled The Chronicle of The Savage North: Adventures in the Frozen Barbarian Lands ) since I've been using the setting for OQ3 playtests and its been a ton of fun :D  But none of the current set of adventures is going to feature in the new book. 

Life and Death is getting a complete re-write. With the aim of expanding the setting and looking at the adventure in detail. I'm certainly thinking of re-writing the ending.  Also it may be the setting of a D101-System (the non-ogl d100 that I use for Skyraiders of the Floating Realms) 

Crucible of the Dragons for now will be sailing off into the distance since there are no current plans to redo it. 

All these adventures are available via the D101 Webstore. 

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