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Rate of Fire and Volley Fire


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I have a question about rates of fire. For example, a light pistol has an Attack per round rating of 3. Does that mean anyone can fire 3 shots in a round? Or is that only if you have a skill rating of at least 150? And if that is the case, if you have a melee weapon with an Attk/rd of 1, are you limited to 1 attack per round, regardless of your skill?

Volley Fire: I went back and reread the rule, and I am still confused. If you use volley fire, are you still limited to the Attk/rd as stated in the equipment list? Or are you only limited by your DEX Rank? In other words, if your DEX rank starts at 18 could you fire 4 times as a difficult skill check (DEX ranks 18,13,8,3)?

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In answer to question 1. Page 190 states that "...if a particular weapon allows for multiple attacks, each successive attack should be at 5 DEX ranks lower than the previous attack."

Until you run out of DEX ranks that is.

So if you have a DEX of 11 or above you can fire the weapon three times.

Multiple attacks with weapons which normally only allow one attack, are allowed if you have a skill above 100 as per p 198. Each attack must be made at an different target in this case.

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