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What is missing in RQG

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2 hours ago, DreadDomain said:

This is as been on my radar for a while. The fact it was initially based on Glorantha makes me want to read it. The fact it has moved away from Glorantha makes me hesitate. Is it any good. 

I found it readable if a little formulaic. From memory it's  structurally a travelogue, once you get past the first chapter or two. And as I said, the setting is very obviously Glorantha, specifically Prax, you get to visit all of the major sites, and it's very obvious which is which. In fact I was so distracted by this element that I did largely forget to pay attention to the narrative! 

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On 8/20/2020 at 8:58 AM, Sid Vicarious said:

About 18 months ago a video game was announced, but there has been bugger all about it since. The devs, Black Shamrock,  website is just as tight lipped. 

WHAT? That's amazing! Can you please indicate where can I get some info on it? 

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2 hours ago, Thaz said:

OP missed as well the Guide and Sourcebook which fill in a LOT

No, they got the Sourcebook; but AFAIK missed the Guide.

But I'm not sure the Guide is the right product, for the details they want to see...

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For day to day life sorts of things, I would recommend the comic: Age of Bronze, by Eric Shanower.  It is the Trojan war, and is unfinished (after a decade!), but the first volume or two will accomplish the task of understanding life in a Bronze age world, complete with rituals, kings, passions, and trials.


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