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Attacks-per-Round (Attk) Confusion


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Coming back to read the Big Gold Book (more like 'skim' to be frank) after a couple months of absence, I noticed one rule that now just bugged me, the "Attacks-per-Round" statistic.

First, having an Attk of 2 (as for the Shuriken) or 3 (as for the Light Pistol) meant than in a single round, I can do more than one attack - that is - state my intent, resolve my attacks then end my turn?

Second, I don't know what fractional Attacks-per-Round mean, that includes 1/2 or ½, 1/3 or ⅓ and 1/4 or ¼, nor do I know the difference between the two identical yet seemingly different formatted numbers (like on pages 252 and 262 for ½ and 1/2 respectively).

That's all. Clarifications would be appreciated, thank you.

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20 hours ago, hix said:

a weapon at 1/2 would be able to attack every other round, 1/4 every four rounds

you are correct as to the attk#

Thank you. That makes complete sense and I'm baffled I haven't thought of that. It's already in the name "Attacks-per-Round" :P

So, there's no difference between 1/2 and 

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p190: "If your character can perform more than one action in a round (some weapons allow for multiple attacks, and combat skill levels in excess of 100% also allow multiple attacks), each attack should be separated by 5 DEX ranks. The first action is at the full DEX rank; the second is at DEX rank –5; the third at DEX rank –10; etc. Your character cannot act on DEX rank 0 for any actions, so any actions that would occur below DEX rank 1 are lost." My italics. The Attack action clarifies:

p190: "Attack
Your character can make an attack against a target on his or her DEX rank, in addition to moving up to 5 meters. Unless modified otherwise, this attack is performed at the full skill rating. As noted above, if a particular weapon allows for multiple attacks, each successive attack should be at 5 DEX ranks lower than the previous attack." Again, my italics.

So, no attack skill is NOT penalised, but each attack takes place 5 DEX rank after the previous one, if the character has the DEX ranks available (if not, the additional attacks are lost).

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