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Black Deer Campaign - Runequest in Arg

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Well, after many months i finally reunite a group of adventurers prepared to give a chance to RuneQuest.


This are all players of systems d20, mostly d & d, and that make me really nervous, there are almost no people in Argentina that knows RuneQuest or, if they know it, they don't have the time to play.


So there's this little group of malleable players, the country is in lockdown, so no one has roleplaying in decades ... this was my opportunity, with a little help of discord and roll20 platforms there we are.


The idea of the campaign was simple, the Clan Black Deer has decayed in between the expulsion of the Lunar Empire and the Tribal Wars for the territory, half the people die fighting the Lunars and the others were heavy beating by the Malani tribe leaving the Black Deer in their hundred people more or less, with several internal treasons among themselves. So the heroes, the last "qualify" warriors and adventurers of the clan have to go to the Colymar Tribe looking for refuge, appealing to old treatises already forgotten at the dawn of time


So in the first 4 sessions the good Sartarites complete the defense of apple lane (with only 2 casualties! and for that a good debt with the Chalana Arroy Temple of Jonstown), An ambush with excessive preparation and successfully kill of Yerezum Storn (in 22 seconds onrol!), And a little visit to the whispering ruins.

So now already formal members of the Colymar (politically achieved thanks to the new Thane), they are given the care and repopulation of the lands in Apple Lane, the frontier of conflict.


Next session is obviously the group is ready to go on the final mission of the Gamemaster Screen Pack, hopefully starting a blood feud with the Malani and possibly sparking a new war.

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