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Where can i find Info about "The Battle of the Queens" ?

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3 minutes ago, David Scott said:

As it takes place in 1626, Early Fire Season, it's not part of family history

RQG page 138

King of Sartar (2nd ed) page 128.

Guide to Glorantha page 735

If you want to colour in the results - Kallyr's funeral pyre is in the RQ colouring book (or RQG 240)


If I recall, I posted quite a bit of info on it here.

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20 minutes ago, Jeff said:

If I recall, I posted quite a bit of info on it here.

4 minutes ago, jajagappa said:

For whatever reason, the forum search wasn't bringing it up, but a Google search did.

15 minutes ago, Godweyn said:

Then I'll see what I find there.

There is a known problem with the forum search at the moment  (unless you are a mod or admin) so use site:basicroleplaying.org "Battle of Queens" in a google search

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Just now, Nick Brooke said:

Also described in the Glorantha Sourcebook, but it looks like you have plenty to be getting on with already.

And I included some details about the run-up to the Battle of Queens in the first act of my best-selling scenario The Duel at Dangerford (see the sections around "In the Sick-Tent of Queen Kallyr"). This, of course, is not canonical, and my adventurers ended up in Dangerford while the battle raged on Old Top.

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