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Then ...I finally got to the point where my good founding members of the Orgovale Cult begin asking questions about their new goddess.

Is there any official information on Orlanth's granddaughter and his exploits and adventures? Or I finally let my imagination run amok with mythology until I come up with an interesting idea?

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1 hour ago, Godweyn said:

Is there any official information on Orgorvale's grandfather and his exploits and adventures?

You realize her father is Vingkot and her grandfather is Orlanth?  So, yes, Orlanth's exploits and adventures are well documented - the Stafford Library book Heortling Mythology has many.

"With his Summer Wife, Vingkot had three sons and two daughters. In order, they were Kodig the King, Hengall the Second Son, Vestene (who married Goralf Brown), Korol Kandoros, and Orgorvale (who married Ulanin the Rider)."

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