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The Grand Grimoire of Cthulhu Mythos Magic updated to v2

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Well the only thing easily noticable is the addition of certain copyrights on the Table of Contents page. Which by the way messed up the links to the pages. It seems that the ToC was compressed to allow the new text at the bottom, but the links have not been updated / moved accordingly.

Other than that there might be the occasional errata corrected, but I guess M. Mason can provide the full information.

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I've just downloaded the latest PDF of the Grimoire from Chaosium's site and the following known errata have still not been actioned:

Pages 168 - 169 - Snare Dreamer -  This spell should be moved to before the spell ”Solar Gaze”, so they are in the correct alphabetical order. Then the two index entries (on page 198) for the two spells should be updated to point to the correct pages.

[ Note the reported errata states this should be moved after "Solar Gaze" but that in not alphabetical!  So the Errata file needs editing too. ]

Page 187 - Warding - This spell is missing its icon, which should be Protection.

Page 188 - Warding Sign - This spell is missing its icon, which should be Protection.

Page 189 - Wave of Oblivion - ”Cost:” should be made bold.

Page 197 – index - Find Dreamer entry - add "23"

[ Note: "Find Dreamer" appears on both page 23 and 24 as a "Dreamlands" version and "Other Spells" version so the index entry on page 197 should reference pages 23 and 24 and 117 ]

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