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1 hour ago, beardo1976 said:

I also really enjoyed Greg Stafford's essay on page fifty-six of Blood and Lust on Arthurian Customs.  All together its probably a two full pages but its a good primer on the weirdness of some of the customs and how they are dealt with.  I may add a little blurb from that as well. 

This might end up being a full two pages, I'll be OK with that as long as I can keep it to one double sided sheet so I can hand it out at the table.

It's nice for explain the weird "customs" and behaviors seen in some of the Quests, but that's just one specialized aspect of the Arthurian setting. Most of the Quests turn out to by some sort of symbolic representation of some spiritual concept or virtue, and are by the nature somewhat surreal- even to the knightly heroes of the story -most those adventures tend to dip into Faerie a bit.

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