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One-Shot Scenario for Halloween

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One of my group's future sessions falls on Halloween night this year. We will be wrapping up a story arc the session before Halloween, so a one-shot scenario would fit into our ongoing campaign.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a particularly scary scenario that could also be completed in about 4 or 5 hours? I will have time to purchase a print copy of a supplement that is no longer available if I act more than a month ahead of the scheduled session.

I have this list of 1920s scenarios from Yog-Sothoth, but asking here is easier than digging through all of these entries. The scenario would not take place on Halloween day in our group's campaign world as we are presently in the early months of 1923. We could perhaps do a one-shot in an entirely different era as long as it fits the Halloween seasonal theme.

Call of Cthulhu Scenarios - 1920s

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1 hour ago, Spence said:

Have you tried the Call of Cthulhu Vault for Halloween and Holidays? 


They are the old Monograms, but converting the older versions of CoC to 6th or 7th is not hard and they are old enough that many current players do not know they exist.



I was looking around the Call of Cthulhu Vault for Halloween-related scenarios earlier today, after I made the above post.

I think I am going to run "Tatterdemalion" from the 1990 'Fatal Experiments' supplement instead. I will move the setting from New York City to Arkham, with the premiere of the play The King in Yellow in NYC late last year on All Hallows Eve having "brought down the house." The Investigators receive complimentary tickets for the play's opening night in Arkham, Massachusetts...

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